20% of Shaka Shakti's profits donated

It is with a full heart that we announce that 20% of each Shaka Shakti retreat will be donated to a women's charity in the country that we have chosen to host the retreat in.


Our mission at Shaka Shakti is to create the ultimate experience for women to learn, grow, heal and feel FULLY ALIVE.

November 19th - 25th 2023
Nov 19th-25th
Sri lanka
Package Includes:

~6 nights accomodation at Jasper House private boutique hotel in Hiriketiya Beach

~Delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

~Daily Meditation, Breath work, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin/Roll & Release

~5 Surf lessons designed to suit your level with our internationally recognised Surf coaches. Theory sessions will be provided to get you feeling confident and comfortable in the ocean.

~3 Self-Development Workshops diving into self-worth, boundaries, self-love and what it means to live a more authentic life.

~Day Trip to Udawalawa National Park
elephant and wildlife safari

~Shaka Shakti goodie bag of treats!

~Plenty of time to lounge by the pool and Journal

*Optional add ons for additional self love & pampering: Massages & Facials
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Lee MacMillan was one of the original team members of Shaka Shakti and one of the business's biggest supporters, we dedicate all the work that we do to her.

She will forever be a Shaka Shakti Sister.



To sum up my time spent practicing yoga with Kirsten in Sri Lanka I’d have to say it is freeing. There isn’t  a moment where you aren’t made to feel welcomed & loved. As for someone who is just starting their yoga journey that is something so special and a hard to come by. As for the surfing element is there anything better than catching waves with your new made girl friends laughing and cheering each other  on from out the back of the break? That kind of environment literally can’t be beaten.

Rochelle Zerbst
Gold Coast, AU

Wow that was one of the best things I have ever done in my life!

For a woman in her 50s I was worried this retreat wasn't suitable for me but I was so wrong.

I loved immersing myself in Yoga and deepening my practice. Learning how to surf was so empowering and so much fun.

Willeke Denslagen
London, UK

Yoga with Kirsten will take you to a place of intense hypnotic bliss - she’s a confident and strong teacher and has a way of guiding you through a flow seamlessly, it’s both soothing and joyful and will stay with you for hours after a class and months after a retreat. Dying to get back to Sri Lanka!

Nicole Merry
Gold Coast, AU

Kirsten is such a remarkable yoga teacher.She delivers her offering in such an effortless manner.When I joined Kirsten’s retreat in Sri Lanka in 2019 I had no idea what to expect. The retreat included hours of yoga, connection, introspection and surfing. Every time Kirsten facilitated a class she embodied what yoga is. She gave space for movement and expansion on and off the mat. The growth I saw in myself and the other attendees was incredible after a short few days. I was a devoted yogi who practiced daily but my love for the philosophy behind yoga was just a fraction of what it is now.Kirsten has been a huge influence on me and my relationship with Yoga. Shortly after connecting with Kirsten I was inspired to complete my yoga teacher training.

Kimberly Raja
Melbourne, AU